Top 10 places to go boating in Ontario

Top 10 places to go boating in Ontario

The Great Lakes

Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario forms the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world. This is a very broad selection. It computes a wide variety of types of boating. It can be treacherous at times as it can represent to closest approximation to ocean boating. For larger cabin cruisers and yachts the best suited is Lake Superior. There are majestic shorelines of the Great Lakes which have a large variety of ports which can be visited through smaller boats. It has big waters and a vast beauty of scenery to offer. This destination has the best boating opportunities in the world. This definitely has to be at the top of the list. For sure the experience will be one in a lifetime thing.

List of Top 10 places to go boating in Ontario

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay has the best freshwater cruising grounds in the entire world. It is famous for 30,000 islands. It is full of natural beauty of the islands. It has the perk of campsites. You can easily anchor out for the night. The boating here is exceptionally amazing.

The Trent Severn Waterway

Once you choose this route you will choose it again and again. There are many perks for those who choose small boats. There are plenty of hotels for you to get away for a weekend. You can witness culture, history and the best part about it is this that you can travel across many towns, communities, lakes and rivers that the Trent borders, you will find numerous  art galleries, museums, historical places to visit and more.

St. Lawrence River- 1000 islands

This has beauty on its own. It has 1000 islands plus gorgeous places to visit. They can be castles, specialty dining, hiking trails, museums, fishing spots, summer events and even a casino. There are vast waters with huge ships and you can experience the beauty of its through this. There are many hotels available on shores for you to rest.

The Muskoka Lakes

By National Geographic this has been named as number one place in the world to live in the summers. The beauty lies in the waterways and the gorgeous summer homes of many movie stars. When going through here it is a must to stay in the worldwide famous classic Muskoka Resorts. Not only one can enjoy the beauty of shorelines but also the splendid fresh crystal clear waters.

The Rideau Canal

This is the most historic viewing which one can do through boats. This canal is Ontario’s 1st UNESCO World Heritage Site. This trip is meant to enlighten you with beauty, awe and historical findings.

The smaller shipping Lakes

This is an area which contains hundreds of small fishing lakes. It often represents fisherman’s paradise. This is the best choice when you want to go fishing. Geographically speaking this is the area which surrounds Lake Nipissing.

The Ottawa River

This is heaven for those who wish to experience casual cruising opportunities which also includes sandy beaches. This river is very well suited for beginners who are afraid to go cruising in the oceans but still want the same effect.

Lake Simcoe

It is just one hour away from Toronto. it gives perfect countryside feels as the views are full of small cottages and homes at the shores. It has beautiful scenery and adds perfect to the list of places to go boating in Ontario.

Lake Nipissing

This lake provides an amazing opportunity to boat. It also can be followed by swimming in the beaches. You can travel on the shores, have fun there and enjoy boating all together. This is perfect for those who wish to have best of both.

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