For Renters

Explore, Book, and Discover Life on The Water Near You Search, Schedule, Suit Up!

1. Search For a Watercraft Near You

Explore through a variety of vessels and experiences in your desired location. Dive into the possibilities and choose the best vessel for any occasion!

2. Create An Account and Submit Your Request

Once you have found the perfect vessel, create your account. Inquire and send a request for the time that works best for you after reviewing the captains availability. Through our user-friendly messaging venue, contact the owner with your inquiry, special requests, and any questions you may have. Offers sent will be available to book directly from the venue.

3. Schedule and Book

Once the owner has sent you an offer with an agreeable date and time, you can now book your charter! (Offers will be valid for 48 hours). Select and input your payment method to book your water experience. Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive the owners contact information to discuss any last minute details, meeting location, logistics, etc.

4. Suit Up & Enjoy!

Prepare to suit up and enjoy your private guided charter, water experience, or self guided rental! Please prepare ahead of time as your charter starts promptly to your scheduled time. Be sure to follow the owners boating safety rules and check off all the essentials to bring from our charter checklist.

5. Review and Rate Your Experience

We hope you had a great time! Please leave a review and rate your experience. While you post your life on the water, don’t forget to share your experience and tag us @chartered.4

For Owners

Offer your Vessel for Charter or Rent Captain, Charter, Collect!

1. Create Your Account

Creating an account is easy and free of charge! Complete your profile and provide the appropriate information needed.

2. List Your Vessel

Enter information about your vessel, upload photos, and fill out your availability. Guidelines will be provided to assist you when writing the description for your vessel. These guidelines will enhance your listing by answering the most common questions, highlighting main features, and stating your vessels rules. You will also be able to add multiple vessels under one account.

3. Manage Inquiries and Bookings

Members interested in your vessel will send you inquiries and requests through our user friendly messaging venue. It is important to respond promptly to discuss the details and specific requests of chartering or renting your vessel. The approval to allow a member to charter or rent is entirely up to you. Once you accept and send an offer for an agreeable date and time, the interested member will book directly from the Chartered 4 venue. Offers sent will expire after 48 hours.

4. Connect With Your Booked User

Once the client has booked your vessel you will receive the users contact information to discuss any last minute details, meeting location, logistics, etc. Set a reminder in your calendar and be prepared to meet at the agreed time and location!

5. Rate Your Users

Be sure to exchange ratings and reviews through the venue to assist fellow owners for future bookings. Once the ratings have been submitted, this will confirm the booking has been completed. Chartered 4 will release the booking payment in 5-7 business days after the charter has been rated.