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Chartered4 is the largest company for Best Boat rental Montreal. We provide with a large variety of watercrafts and gives you an opportunity to explore through waters. We believe in easy booking, real time tracking and most importantly affordable pricing.

Discover the Beauty of Montreal :

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Montreal is the largest city in the Canada’s Quebec province. It is set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River. It has provided with a natural waterways and transportation corridor to the heart of North American continent. Over the decades the water based travel such as dredging and canals have only enhanced the Montreal’s status as the transportation center. Montreal is a beautiful place to visit. It is an island which gives you a plethora of mediums to enjoy in waters.

Renting a boat and taking it out on waters and being able to enjoy the sun, water, and some company would be an ideal vacation for anybody. Since water transportation is a big part here similarly boating is one of the most beloved and trustworthy activity here. Renting a boat is the new era. Chartered4 gives you that medium. Montreal is a boating heaven which is hidden in the tributary. It is a wonderful place where people come to set anchor, blare, enjoy music, have fun, dance around, swim, party and relax. Sometimes we wish to experience that extravagant boating experiences which we see in the virtual world and hope for us to be there, well Chartered4 can make that possible for you in Montreal.

Experience the joy of boating with Chartered4: Best Boat rental Montreal

It doesn’t matter what you choose a double story yacht or a small aluminum boats. What matters is being able to be a part of boat culture and being able to escape the world on lands for some time. You can discover fun of Boat Rental Montreal from the waters from the old port right up to the Boucherville Islands. Old Port here is the best place to relax and chill. It is extremely therapeutic at the same time. The best way to enjoy and explore here in old port is to rent a Pedal Boat which is possible through Chartered4, Best Boat Rental Montreal


The people who are enthusiasts for water sports can always try jet skiing or speed boating. Chartered4, Best Boat Rental Montreal offers excursions that include huge splashes of water on the big, boisterous and ecstatic waters of Lachine. If you opt for a jet boat excursions then it will be a once in a lifetime experience for you. It will for sure exceed your expectations. An amazing way to be enchanted by the historical findings of the old port and its beginning is through boating. Rent a boat, hop on and see the St. Lawrence River up close and personal with the bustling river. Renting a boat is the best choice if you have a limited budget and want to enjoy this experience. It will be so amazing that it will be totally worth the prize.

Chartered4, Best Boat Rental Montreal offers you with wide variety of boat rentals which are electric boats, voyageur canoes, pedal boas, speed boats and many more. It helps you enjoy the beauty of canals and also gives you an opportunity to discover the lesser known secrets of the canals. Canal Boats are becoming a popular choice these days. It will give you the chance to enjoy the open air way and give you chance to escape the rush and noises of the big cities. Chartered4 will give you the boats in the best of conditions and will make that dream of yours come true. It is our motive to help bring the boating culture in reality and that to at a very reasonable price.

Why Chartered4 is a better option for boat rental Montreal?

  • When you reach your location it becomes effortless to hop on and take right off. You have to do nothing but enjoy the waters.
  • There is no need for towing vehicle now. Your boa will always be ready and all you have to do is enjoy the waters.
  • When you rent boats you do not have to waste your time on cleaning. No washing, waxing or storing after being one day in waters.
  • You get the option of choosing your boat which you can rent. You are presented with variety of options. You get the chance to experience whichever boat you want.
  • You save a lot of money as you are provided with many equipments if you rent the boat.
  • Renting seems like a smart choice when you are travelling with a big group. This way you can share the costs and make it more affordable to you.

Boat culture is alive and amazing in Montreal. Once you take a little peek into one of the hotspots here then you will not be able to stop yourself from exploring more and more. If you enjoy the beauty of skyline and also wish to witness the extravagant beauty of old port Montreal then you should definitely rent a boat from Chartered4 and visit. It will be an interesting as well as a very insightful experience which will also include the thrills of maneuvering the waves of water on your choice of boat. The best recommendation which anyone can give is to rent your boat from Chartered4, Best Boat Rental Montreal if you wish for a wonderful and adrenaline-charged experience.

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